Brand Spotlight: Something Wicked

British luxury lingerie brand Something Wicked offer customers evocative and provocative product ranges, while proudly flaunting their ‘Made in Britain’ credentials. Launched in 2013 the Yorkshire based business has a clear understanding of their target market: successful and confident women with a 'work hard, play hard' mantra.

Managing partner Steff McGrath has certainly got a clear idea of where the business is going. "Keeping the manufacturing in the UK was really important to us. It's what sets us apart and ensures the quality and exclusiveness you would expect from a luxury brand. We love that aspect of the business and we're keen to extend that story to all areas. When we say we manufacture in-house we really mean it!"

"Our customer's demand the best and we aim to please. Everything is handmade from start to finish in our studio in Leeds, using the most luxurious materials such as Japanese plonge leather and French Chantilly lace whilst the leather accessories are handmade in the UK by a female saddler. Even our exclusive leather polish is handmade by an award winning beekeeper from London."

The Luxe Company is excited to have this fabulous brand as part of our collection.

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