Dita Von Teese

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese exudes old-school feminine glamour. And her vintage-inspired lingerie line is in perfect harmony with her image, allowing you to achieve the same timeless boudoir look as Dita herself.

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She’s the ‘Queen of Burlesque’, the ultimate pin-up girl and a seriously talented lingerie designer. We’ve always been huge fans of Dita Von Teese and are admittedly a little bit obsessed with her gorgeous lingerie collections. So we caught up with the starlet herself to talk all things lingerie to body confidence. Here’s what Dita had to say…

What makes the Dita Von Teese lingerie brand so special?

My lingerie collection is designed to infuse glamour into everyday life. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been in love with lingerie as a symbol of femininity. I believe a woman should honour herself with nice lingerie that makes her feel sexy and confident; it shouldn’t be something to be put on for a man. I believe in the everyday cultivation of sensuality, and so the collection is designed to be both glamorous and functional for everyday wear.

"I think that the way that we feel radiates to the world, and that is an important thing that is relative to beauty… confidence."

How would you describe this season’s collection?

I think there’s the perfect balance of colour with classic, sophisticated black lace. There are lots of 1950s inspired pieces perfect for the modern pinup girl, as well as elegantly styled lingerie suitable for a seductress of the highest level!

Do you have a favourite piece?

I love the Tryst collection, I’m especially excited to have it in the new Dove Grey. I also can’t wait to have Dahlia in the new Bluebell colorway. Dahlia is a bra shape that is both comfortable and glamorous, so it’s always exciting to have it in new colors. And I LOVE the XXXtian robe, it’s my favorite dressing gown. The fine Italian silk is so sumptuous, and it’s truly a collectors item with the naughty toile print from the Christian Louboutin archives. It features little illustrations of a bevy of risqué situations, including my burlesque acts.

In your opinion, what makes a women beautiful?

I think that the way that we feel radiates to the world, and that is an important thing that is relative to beauty… confidence. Beauty truly comes in many forms, and all stages of life. For me, I've always felt more beautiful when I present myself in the way that gives me confidence, and it can't come from what others think. For instance, I've been told I would look younger if I wore less make up. I've always thought, “what is this obsession people have with looking young? Why can't we celebrate beauty and sensuality in all phases of life?” I always say that one cannot dictate to a woman what is supposed to make her feel beautiful. Just because I love black lace lingerie doesn't mean that everyone should… we each have to decide for ourselves what makes us feel good. I call myself a "glamour-evangelist", because I like to be a little bit over-the-top with my love for glamour in hopes that it will inspire others to embrace it and have a little bit of fun with their style too.

How do you want other women to feel when wearing your lingerie?

I've always loved lingerie because when one is fitted properly, it accentuates the positive, and on the other hand, I can also use it to hide the things that I'm not crazy about. I love the way stockings and garter belts frame my body, and add mystery and allure, but it also keeps me a little bit covered up, in fact. I suppose I'm just trying to show that with your lingerie, you can have it all; function, fit and sensuality. You don't have to choose between sexy lingerie and your everyday lingerie… the occasion is now. I love opening my lingerie drawer to an assortment of colours and textures and taking that moment to revel in being a woman. I want other women to experience the ways that lingerie can enhance life without taking any extra time out of your day.

What is your best confidence-boosting advice?

Well, I always say you can be a juicy ripe peach and there’ll still be someone out there who doesn’t like peaches, so I just carry on and work on being the best I can be, and let criticism roll off like water from a duck’s back! Sometimes when I'm not feeling so confident I'll go for a walk, or do some exercise. I find that it helps a lot to change perspective, get some air and remember all the things to be grateful for.