How to use Texture in Home Decor

When decorating a room, or even a whole home, there are always key design elements that drive the direction of the project. Often the intended use of a given room is a major factor that can determine the style of decor or the colour scheme. The amount of natural light is almost always a factor, whether we realise that consciously or not. Existing and perhaps much loved pieces of furniture can be points of inspiration, but if you concentrate purely on the headline design decisions you run the risk of... Read More


Colonial Style – our guide to creating a timeless look.

Let us take you back to the glory days of the British Empire. Okay, with the benefit of hindsight and a modern perspective on global affairs, perhaps it wasn’t always our finest hour but, I think we can all agree, it was less hurried age, without technology, where an afternoon sat in a comfy chair with a chota peg of Scotch was not considered a waste of time whilst awaiting the mail ship to bring news of the world from the Mother country. So how can we evoke those gentler... Read More