Boxing clever??

So, we’re coming up to two years old. How time flies! But how should we celebrate? Well I’m sure there’ll be a glass of fizz or two alongside the lunchtime Luxe Company sandwich that day, but we thought we’d use this milestone to raise our game a little, so we put our thinking caps on and worked out what needed attention. We like to think that The Luxe Company name pretty much tells you what we’re about. ‘Luxury, style, elegance’ is our tag line and we like to live by... Read More


How hard can it be? My rant of the week!!

Reselling on Amazon – OMG! If there’s an award somewhere for making a process complicated then I want to nominate Amazon’s reselling process. It’s taken 2 days to get just 5 products listed. The account’s been open for weeks but no-one thought to mention to us that we would need specific Amazon approval to see clothes. Dear God, you’d think we were selling enriched uranium or something equally as dangerous. They’re just clothes. OK, so now we’re approved. Thank you Amzon. I sleep much better at night knowing I have your... Read More