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Luxe Life: A little slice of Cotswold luxury – The Lygon Arms, Broadway

Imagine a hotel where roaring log-burning open fireplaces hint at its roots dating from the 1300’s. Picture a Great Hall with a vaulted ceiling and original wood panelling built in the seventeenth century. Visit a hotel that has been coloured by the characters of history. At The Lygon Arms, Broadway, you can stay in the suite that Oliver Cromwell stayed in the night before the Battles of Worcester in 1651. The Lygon Arms has roots reaching right into the 1300’s. It’s a historic hotel in the Cotswolds, with a typically... Read More

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The Luxe Company Cocktail Masterclass: Extra Dry Martini

A Vodka Martini is perhaps the all-time classic cocktail, beloved of the rich and famous, fabulous and fictional, the world over. Nothing says sophistication quite like a dry martini, but the debate on whether it should be shaken or stirred, as in the video below, rages on. Here’s our view on this major debate: James Bond’s famous tag line is actually a reversal of the original quote from Fleming’s books. The author used the line “stirred not shaken” to add yet another facet to Bond’s cool image. If a Martini is... Read More

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The Luxe Company Cocktail Masterclass: The Bellini

Welcome to the second part of our cocktails masterclass. At The Luxe Company we’re always up for a celebration, especially if it involves a bit of bubbly, so much so that we’ve added a fabulous Leather Handled Champagne Bath to our product range. Check it out on the site – click HERE to visit the Product Page. With its classic champagne hammered finish and stylish leather handles, this champagne bath will not only keep your bottles of bubbly cool but it will look good doing it! Now if there’s anything better than a glass of... Read More

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The Luxe Company Cocktail Masterclass: The Cosmopolitan

Here at The Luxe Company we like to enjoy a cocktail or two now and then, so much so that we added the fabulous Milan Cocktail Shaker to our product list. Click HERE to visit the Product Page. Our cocktail shaker is a traditional ‘Manhattan’ style rather then the ‘Boston’ glass and metal shaker style featured in the video below, but we think it’s the safer option as there’s less chance of it spilling! (A recommendation born out of unfortunate experience, we might add!) Now as we all know, it’s no... Read More

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7 Fabulous Lifestyle Decor Ideas for Reindeer Hides

As those summer nights start to slip away and thoughts turn towards Autumn & Winter what could be more cozy than snuggling up beneath a Reindeer skin? Luxurious, practical and versatile, here’s a few ways to use your reindeer hide to add impact to your home. (Reindeer hides are now in stock at ) Buy yours with a clear conscience in the knowledge that our hides are a natural by-product from the Scandinavian meat industry and they are not sourced from flocks farmed purely for their fur. Use them in the... Read More


Luxe Life: L’Auberge du Père Bise, Talloires, France

  There are some experiences in life that become benchmarks against which all else is judged. Such is the case with our recent visit to L’Auberge du Père Bise. This stunning restaurant and boutique hotel, situated in the picture postcard perfect Bay of Talloires on the shore of Lake Annecy is a true jewel in it’s surrounding stunning landscape. We arrived after a full day’s drive from the Italian Riviera to find ourselves entranced by the stunning azure blue of the lake, reputedly the purest water in Europe. The picture below looking through the window... Read More


Luxe Life: Termali Spa, Locarno

Here at The Luxe Company we think our blog should be more than just another sales channel. We want to inspire, educate, inform and delight you. With that in mind we’re starting the first in a series of irregular reviews of some of the ‘luxe’ places we’ve been or experiences we’ve had. First off is the fabulous Termali Spa in Locarno, Switzerland. Situated right on the shore of Lake Maggiore, this is a spa to really enjoy. From the moment you enter the door the environment feels calm and tranquil.... Read More