The Luxe Company Cocktail Masterclass: Extra Dry Martini

A Vodka Martini is perhaps the all-time classic cocktail, beloved of the rich and famous, fabulous and fictional, the world over.

Nothing says sophistication quite like a dry martini, but the debate on whether it should be shaken or stirred, as in the video below, rages on. Here’s our view on this major debate: James Bond’s famous tag line is actually a reversal of the original quote from Fleming’s books. The author used the line “stirred not shaken” to add yet another facet to Bond’s cool image. If a Martini is shaken, the alcohol becomes “bruised” and the drink turns slightly cloudy, which detracts from the desired flavour – something which agent 007 would of course immediately notice and be suitably repulsed by.

It was decided that the line “shaken not stirred” sounded much better, however, and so it was adopted for the films – thus creating a character with a good collection of sound bytes, but a slightly odd taste in drinks.

Whether your preference is shaken or stirred, a Martini is a doddle to make and a delight to drink. Here’s our video tutorial…

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