7 Fabulous Lifestyle Decor Ideas for Reindeer Hides

As those summer nights start to slip away and thoughts turn towards Autumn & Winter what could be more cozy than snuggling up beneath a Reindeer skin? Luxurious, practical and versatile, here’s a few ways to use your reindeer hide to add impact to your home. (Reindeer hides are now in stock at https://www.theluxecompany.co.uk/gifts-c5/furnishings-decor-c55/lx-by-luxe-reindeer-hide-fur-rug-p417 ) Buy yours with a clear conscience in the knowledge that our hides are a natural by-product from the Scandinavian meat industry and they are not sourced from flocks farmed purely for their fur.

Use them in the bedroom as a bedspread or a rug to add warmth and luxury.

original_reindeer-skin-rug copy hides-of-excellence3

What’s more cozy than a fur rug in front of a fire?

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Use them as throws to add a touch of glamour to a favourite chair.

original_reindeer-hide-rug-and-throw 4_5 copy

Grab every opportunity to stay outside. Use reindeer hides as outdoor seating covers or wraps, perfect outdoor decor for those nice, cold, crisp days that you can sit out.

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Damaged hide? Don’t throw it out. Cut it into seat pads or make it into a luxury cushion.

reindeer-hide-light rudolph-reindeer-fur-rug-rugs-hides-and-sheepskins_1

Use them as decorative features

reindeer_fur_lapland_finland_3 copy Reindeer-hide600-ox

Use several across a sofa to add that luxury layered feel.


Above all, enjoy them!

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