April 2016


How hard can it be? My rant of the week!!

Reselling on Amazon – OMG! If there’s an award somewhere for making a process complicated then I want to nominate Amazon’s reselling process. It’s taken 2 days to get just 5 products listed. The account’s been open for weeks but no-one thought to mention to us that we would need specific Amazon approval to see clothes. Dear God, you’d think we were selling enriched uranium or something equally as dangerous. They’re just clothes. OK, so now we’re approved. Thank you Amzon. I sleep much better at night knowing I have your... Read More


What a week!

The title says it all – what a week it’s been. The Living North Spring Fair at Newcastle races took up most of our time. I take my hat off to those companies who do these shows week in and week out around the country. Trust me, it’s hard work (and if anyone  doubts me,  feel free to step in a do the next one instead of me!). Seriously though, Newcastle was a great event for us. It’s so encouraging when you’ve spent months putting a business together to get... Read More


Up & Running!

Well, what a couple of weeks it’s been since The Luxe Company website was launched. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to visit the site and especially those of you who’ve given us such fabulous feedback on the both the site itself and our product range. It seems we may be on the right track! A further thank you to our customers, both on the site and at our stand at the Living North Spring Fair at York Racecourse last weekend. The icing on the cake for us has... Read More